Maria Di Meglio

Thinking about learning Italian or planning a trip?

A passion project of mine is studying Italian and helping friends and family get the most out of a trip to Italy. I have made detailed itineraries, assisted in accommodations, and found unique attractions that are hard to come by. I offer:

  • Italian language lessons (solo and group options)

  • Detailed travel itinerary planning, with a specialty in the Gulf of Naples

  • We operate a family-run Airbnb on property that has been in our family for hundreds of years.

Lessons with Maria are so fun! She has given me so much extra information about Italy that I never would have gotten from a textbook. I took lessons to prepare for my first trip to Italy, and she also gave me great advice on things to do in different parts of the country.
— Katrina S., student
I had never been to Italy, and Maria gave me a detailed travel itinerary with tons of great things to do. I had a lot of great options to choose from each day, and she checked in to see how I was doing.
— Daniel T.


I grew up in a large Italian-American family in Brooklyn. Every Sunday we would walk two blocks (or run) over to my Nonna’s house for a huge family lunch. Aunts, uncles, and cousins would pile in and we would pass around plates of pasta with sauce that had been simmering all morning and enjoy the home cooked food that my Nonna so expertly and lovingly prepared for us.

In high school I went to Italy for the first time to explore the island where my father is from. I stayed in the house where my Dad was born and raised, and fell in love with the culture and language. There is a big difference between Brooklyn-Italian and Italy-Italian, and I love exploring those difference and eating the delicious foods that have become classics on both sides of the pond. We now run an Airbnb out of our family apartments, and it’s been a really special experience to welcome people to the property that my family has lived in for generations.